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no surprise, i have tremendous conflicted feelings about the teacher america. but my main concern today not just about this and i don't just mean about today, i mean, right now, what is going on in the country, is we see the pervasiveness of not only the teacher of america but a number of other organizations that are frankly araid around the privatization strategy and around the anti-untonight strategy, and i, so i... and so i understand, and this is the problem. i mean, we were pretty clear that when we were seeking, which i as you know and i am totally behind and whatever i can do. i want to do. are changing our work related to private funders and helping them to support the work. but we were really clear that what we wanted them to do and the deals that we were going to make with funders was to support the work we want to do. in line with our philosophies. and yet, we see a lot that we have private funders and i don't know that these are among them but the private fundsers who say, we are going to give you this money but spend it on what we want to you to. not what we want to. and so
in school innovation and a small grant with each for america, the partner was in similar ways that we are doing with the other schools with the new teacher center around building capacity, to support and retain, our highly qualified teachers. and so this is a non-traditional, very small contract with tfa that actually is about helping us change the paradyme, the tsa board asked me to come and speak on richard's behalf, probably six or seven months ago and talked about how they want to shift the relationship that they have with the districts from just staffing people with tsa teachers to really looking at how they can be a supportive partner around all of the leadership development activities for the teachers and this was an opportunity for us with the sales force grant, who also really wanted to promote the partnership work and look at different ways of partnering with tsa and who does have an interest in our school district and being a partner, but in a different way than they have in the past. so we felt, the superintendent and i, and others working on this felt that this was a good
to another regardless whether it's america's cup or not are there improvements we could be doing while studying and figure out the longer term solutions as the projects are coming along and the longer term as well? >> yes president, yes and you're chewing gum and able to blow bubbles and we're seeing the bubbling up of ideas we're implementing this summer and for instance with the america's cup there are improvements that we started. i always like to link the america's cup planning with this assessment and there is no difference for the large event and what we need to do for the long haul. we are using these pilot projects how to run the e line service and see it running more because of the service from mission bay to the wharf and the bicycle lanes painted green is a brilliant idea and i checked it out and people are using the lanes in bigger numbers and no longer on the sidewalks. >> and they're stopping at the signals. that's the best part. >> that's the bubble blown and chewing gum. >> people are running in them and they're minding the traffic and i don't know about green compar
with the america's cup catamaran on it. we have developed parking site with the last-mile transit connections and training mta and america's cup event authorities and ambassadors to answer questions. as part of that training we have been doing sensitivity training and the mta is leading that charge, making sure that people are aware of varying needs as they need to cross a street or access a bus or get to any special needs that they might have. so we're getting close. i look forward to your questions. some of the lessons that we have learned is really to engage our partners in advance, including everyone from local and regional to public and private and this has and a multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional approach and will greatly inform the city's efforts to do other big events such as the america's cup. we have used the environmental review process to inform our transportation studies and are applying them to projects such as the warriors arena on piers 30-32 and some of the other developments south of marketa and we're using pilot projects to test effectiveness. some of the examples
's america's cup organizing committee. it's nice to be back before you again. i'm building on the presentation that happened in april, earlier when we came before you with the first concept of the pilot donor program, which is one of the tranches of our work in raising funds and awareness to support the city and county of san francisco and its departments in hosting the 34th america's cup. we've created the strategic campaign called one sf celebrate the cup, both very principally about raising funds, but also through building awareness of the community and legacy benefits. not only of the america's cup, but it's a nice dovetail with the 150th anniversary of the port as well. and all the city and port has leveraged through the planning and preparation for the event. from that initial feedback that we received on april 9th, we're coming back before you today to present an m-o-u, memorandum of understanding as well as the underpinnings of the goals of the program. at the last presentation you asked about what specific considerations, specific assets that we were considering, h
want to know is a review of all of the contracts that we have with the teach for america, further i would like to know how much administrators and how many teach for america teachers and other staff people that we have in each school. which will tell us what the profile is, of those teachers in the schools that have teach for america graduates as administrators. or a departments that have it. i am not asked for that, i don't know what, you know the board may want to discuss this whole issue. i am only say that this is something that i would like to know and i think from our earlier discussion, that there is consensus on the board that we would like to know that because when i raised that issue before, there was and there were other members of the board who said, yeah that would be good to know. >> commissioner murase? >> i would be interested in the kind of data that she has asked for but i want to remind my colleagues that there was a committee meeting last year, twr (inaudible) presented a lot of very detailed data comparing teach for america teachers performance with non-teach fo
the air space for the america's cup and that authority and raised concern from our office and well can we expand this beyond the america's cup event when we fielded so many emails and calls of concern boo the nuisance and visual distraction and with drivers and bicyclists and the pollution by the advertisers and to protect the distinctive appearance of the city so i have actually passed out also amendments to this legislation which i would like to make today and it's really just on the findings as brought forward to us by the city attorney's office changing the findings that we had introduced last week and then i will be making a request that we continue this item a week. the city attorney's office has spent a great deal of time reaching out to the faa to get clear guidance in terms of what the city and county of san francisco can do. they're kind of mixed outcomes of what we have seen when cities like honolulu and huntington beach have tried these restrictions so we want an understanding and the office is interested in this legislation and banning the aerial signs in the city but we wa
of america. can you believe that the vision and the determination so all one person or maybe 20 thousand can say oh, i'm home. i'm home. it's been an honor to be part of that. thank you all of you and thank everyone who will be and was a part of this thank you. (clapping) >> it's my pleasure to welcome supervisor mar are a cowen. she's actually on many city hall committees and boards. she was elected over the retirement system overseeing $17 billion. where is denise. $17 billion of investment money but here priority is her community. last week the supervisor helped with the family and musical and food festival. whether she's working inside or outside of city hall we know she's working hard to keep our district healthy and save. please welcome supervisor cowen >> yes $17.6 billion but whose counting. i look forward in entertaining a conversation that we will be able to have about using this funds making an investment in the community (clapping) we make investments all around the world with this fund why not no our own neighborhood; right? really putting our money where our mouth is. okay.
planning for the 34th america's cup and update on the city's plans to make the 34th america's cup the most accessible and international sailing event in history, including accessible paths to travel, transit, seating and signage. presentation by adam van de water, assistant project manager, office of economic and workforce development. at 2:10 the council will take a 10-minute break. 7, information item, mental health awareness month, spot light on psychiatric disabilities, support service and recovery. a, language matters. discussion about the relationship between the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and the language we use to talk about them. presentation by terri byrne, solve program coordinator and gillan plumadore, community advocate mental health association of san francisco. b, resources and supports for hoarding and cluttering challenges an overview of the services, supports and resources in san francisco for both individuals with hoarding and cluttering challenges, stakeholders and advocates providing services. presentation by michael gause, deputy director meth health
of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> please be advised that the ringing of and use of cell phones, pages and similiar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any persons responsible for the ringing or or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic device. please be advised that a member of the public has up to three minute to make pertinent public comment on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter period on any item. next item items not list on the agenda. >> we have alex walker from san francisco beautiful. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is alex walker representing san francisco beautiful an organization that existed for more than 60 years in san francisco and the cable cars under threat of being dismantled and i am here to talk about an issue in the august meeting. the proposed what is the pilot recognition program for piers for t
in america and less than 7% of the land and it's important for lower property values for those uses to be maintained. i believe the port plays a large role in that and maintaining the uses are important component for maintaining diverse economic base for the city and for the businesses that have no where to go otherwise they would go outside the city to do what they need to do. it is true of course that waterfront access is a key component and i think one of the wonderful things about the san francisco waterfront it combines both of those things and maritime and public access scprt activities. it's not about wiping the slate clean and starting over so the plan has expanded the shoreline system. it has integrated areas for development and accept regional growth in a smart way. now we are looking at ways of implementing this work and what is causing some of the consternation out there is is that there are large sites out there and i understand that but it's important for staff to understand that the developments implement the planning work that we done and ensure that the connect
provided an area that is important. and the context of sea level rise after the america's cup is complete. in terms of overall lessons those are lessons of the plan 127b9d public engagement and it's going to last throughout the project. we've learned that the public expects excellence on the waterfront xylophones. our partners are selected through a fair public ocess. that b cdc have to be an integral part of this process. and especially, when you're looking at major industries like at pier 70 it's important. the public is increasingly enjoying the project. and we've learned that the design uses can connect the neighborhoods to the waterfront. neck steps we're working together with those promotions and there's a high number of them at the same time. we're trying to implement the land use plan and the other neighborhoods plan. to meet the goals we're looking at potential zoning changes and probably tweaks to the waterfront designing pr we think that some of those changes are likely justified and those sites play an important part in reaching our targets. we still doesn't add up to all the
and america great. thank you very much. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor. many of you may not know that over 35% of san francisco small businesses are owned by and operated by immigrants today. our next speaker is a real role model for many of us, a ceo of the san francisco foundation, dr. sandra hernandez is an advocate, a physician of philanthropic leader, a role model and definitely a ground breaker ~. she's the former director of san francisco department of public health and nationally renowned expert on health care and nonprofit sustainability. dr. hernandez. (applause) >> well, good morning, everybody. thank you, adrian. i want to appreciate you, mayor lee, supervisor chiu, and really all of philanthropic partners that are launching this extraordinary pathway to citizenship in san francisco. the san francisco foundation for over 60 years has held very central to its core mission the notion that we need to engage every citizen, every resident in order to make our democracy better. and all of the philanthropic organizations that are part of this pathway initiative likewise beli
to support teacher paying for america no matter how much it is, and no matter how small the amount for something that they need to fix. until they do that, on their own, i just don't want to contribute to them helping us, in this regard. i don't think that they can do it better than we can do it. and i think that we here have the talent to figure out how to help ourselves. and how to help mlk. and i'm actually pretty frustrated with bringing in outsiders to help this particular school which i believe we can find our own talent to do that work. and if we need to put people focused on it, i would like to see us provide that dedicated talent to that particular site and that leadership team. and if we need more time, on working on that, i think that i would like to see us do that and work towards that. i don't want to give teach for america our money to do what i think that they already need to be working on on their own and when they get it together, then i will be more than happy to entertain a package of how they can help us do some recruitment and retention, teacher refencing for
're continuing to having difficulties getting a response we're happy to have our d c america to contact them. and i'll be happy to certify in any way possible. thanks again for carrying this legislation >> thank you. any additional public comments? >> good afternoon supervisors i'm steven. i'm a concerned citizen of san francisco county. i've lived here for 55 years and i'm disturbed about what happens over the park. a couple of saturdays ago we had 3 banners from papers above us so this is corporate sky graffiti. and we're very concerned about the impact of tourism too. this city is progressive but when it has an impact of its beans flying over the city we're concerned about the air and noise and visual pollution. what's the impact upon our bird population let alone the human population. i'm in support of the baen and the elimination of all banners flying over san francisco county. this is getting a little bit ridiculous. the americans are taking 35 bits of advertising and if we can't look at the beautiful of the golden gate bridge we're not a beautiful city. i thank you for taking my tes
information about black people here in america. and they showed me the books they bought and i want to say marcus bookstore would you get rid of a gold mine. it's beneficial to all people. i bought my first black. and so they have a little library. thank you for supporting this bookstore don't get rid of it >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> how is it going. this bookstore has been part of the history of san francisco it's part of the history of the filing more community it runs after school programs. it's hosted events with speakers like rosa parks and danny glover and ophra winphrey. we have to take a moment to the local. they need this bookstore. i ask that the board of supervisors look at this situation and do what they can to encourage the spectaculars to sell the building back. >> thank you. next speaker, please i'd like to thank the board for supporting the resolution. i'm appreciative of supporting the black community as a whole. i know you all have seen a lot of me. but marcus books has been a part of my life and i went to school with colleagues. so for me, you, you know,
to give my son sympathy to those folks we're having our own marathon and the america's cup and countless other neighborhood and musical events we host and the chief and i were in washington, d.c. in concert with all if you have provided in those events inform put forth our need for federal support. we're going to continue that effort it's hard in this era sequestration. and i think the public and visitor to our city deserve sa. ao as a result of board president chiu and in constant conversation with our d e m along with the police and fire chief we want to signal to you to make sure our radio systems are updated right away our system is 13 years old a he if you're already on your cell phone you're on the third ongoing years of the changing. we need this up grating we've learned that communication is the first thing we depend upon. and our emergency facilities are necessarily and we'll outline a specific timeframe for that to happen. we're already working on radio systems and the ata and the agencies want to be connected the police and fire and the emergency responders have to have a radi
. >> we are all excited about the americas cup here in district two but one thing if you think about it everyone knows what fleet week is like here in the marina. this is fleet week on steroids. think about fort mason, these will be the most brings taken places to watch the americas cup. what we're working on and working to continue to work on and want your input on, how do we make it a positive experience for the people that live here. >> i'm happily married and my life and -- wife and i live around laurel village. we have two children, five around they. we are proud parents and now just excited to be here on the board. i think i'm in the middle. i'm a moderate person. fiscal fiscally conservative and that is the way i intend to practice what i preach here. in terms of getting into politics, i think for me it was really that reasons. first being from here, i think that was part of my own motivation, feeling a sense of roots in san francisco. also raising our children here. i think we went through as a young family the discussion and dialogue that many young families go through. sh
. coal is pretty simple stuff. if you can't burn it in america, put it on a train, ship it over to china or india. so, we got market forces. and against that we have to marshal intelligence and collaboration and political response, because this stuff is serious. and the fact that people aren't worried about it and don't talk about it doesn't mean it isn't serious. and that's the insidious character of this -- of this challenge, that some people know about it, 90, 97% of the scientists who deal in climate science all agree that when it comes to doing something it takes leadership. and not just political leadership, but business leadership, church leadership, academic leadership. and that's the context, i believe, in which you have come together. you're focusing on solar energy. that's a big piece. there's plenty of sun out there to take care of our energy. it's going to take time. it's going to take technology. it's going to take scientific breakthroughs, research, and development. and it's going to take storage. and it's going to take various insebastianvv stifle. just in california you
for that idea and the port of san diego is looking -- in particular of light of the america's cup and work they have done and toured the america's cup site and also the exploratorium and are looking at creating an infinity group as a result of the event and a lot of new relationships were forged with the other attendees with the army corps of engineers so it was a very successful effort to try to bring all of us together and what we can do to improve our relationships and activit -- activities with that. >> kapa is meeting today and tomorrow so i will meet them tomorrow in sacramento and i think it's on the agenda, the affinity group idea. thank you very much. >> any new business commissioners? okay. >> i move that reconvene in fav? >> aye. >> okay. >> motion to reconvene open session. >> so moved. >> all in favor? >> motion to adjourn. >> motion to disclose. >> i move that we do not disclose what we discussed in closed session. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> motion to adjourn the meeting. >> i move that we adjourn the meeting in memory of john bickle and willie kennedy. >> all i
other kinds of things we're going to improving >> we're test the parking concept with the america's cup talking about the parking garage. they're part of our may or may not and we hope to intercept the cars and avoid the congestion on the waterfront. another pilot is the special event team to o so we have a little bit more on a busy weekend by having drivers making sure they're available and the cars are operable. and what those really, really big events so everyday it is not treated like the super day in october and that helps them look at schedules >> you were talking about the taxis. there was nothing available and i had f lines pass me. the waterfront has a lack of taxis in general >> thank you. i came off two workshops and one of the colleagues was here to get the conversation going first year two major concerns is around the ballpark and to make sure that the left turn is easy for cabs. the traffic congestion is a major problem for them. what's happening even faster is having a cabstand in front of the the ferry terminal. and we're working with the port and the mayor's office
that is. my experience with what we've seen with the america's cup event is not very strong. i know these are two different types of projects. i think it maybe very challenging. the park is a good option and maybe that's another place that the board can be thoughtful is in terms of thinking about what capital funds would be and private funds and promote to the public. i think that would be a great plan to go into. last three things. i agree with the board. i think that land sales were expected to be a part of the revenue for phase two i agree that i think it's a great example of our project that has experience increased cost as moving forward with time. i think it's something that we should be expecting. as much we can say whatever within phase two of the budget is important and not pouring that into phase one. >> last two things, i'm wondering if this board should approve the in accrues -- increase to legal services. i'm wondering if staff should just live within the budget. i understand cost of legal fees and and i'm just wondering about these cost. i under the reserve for the bo
system in america that we earned last year and we want to continue earning for the rest of america and keep putting forth those models for the rest of the country to see so that my friends, be they the mayor of new york or the mayor of chicago can envy us on the eve of my going to the white house to receive, with the giants, the 2012 world series championship, recognition that we continue to also receive the world class recognition they would have for our park system. this is what it means. but it also means that challenges that were signalled literally just a few months ago when this park was established. how do you maintain a gift? how do you look the gift horse in the mouth and say, well, we can't accept it because we can't maintain it, for them to come up with one of the most innovative models for the rest of the country to follow is an important part of this everlasting gift. because not only do we receive this half acre with great appreciation, but we will take care of it with our other partners for years and years to come as part of the system, maintain it as well as to rece
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 362 (some duplicates have been removed)